Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rails Stuff

Finally been hacking on some code this weekend for my rails project. I want to have people login with user credentials and a couple of resources on using restful_authentication that I found EXTREMELY useful are here:

A great demo


if you get an error when trying to login

Also the controller for my default class had this added to it so we don't get into an infinte loop when trying to login for the first time

skip_before_filter :login_required

I also added this on the user controller so we can go create a new user without having to login. Duh!

I'm using Rails for .NET Developers from The Pragmattic Programmers to guide me along with lots of online docs. I'm also learning Ruby as I go. It seems to share with python the same notion of 'what you expect will work'. Pretty much I've been typing things and they are working, without too many tweaks. It's kind of nice. I'm doing super simple run of the mill stuff, so I'm not expecting too many things to blow up as of yet.

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