Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saving and Sharing Web Page Performance Information from Chrome

I was perusing a web site during lunch and once again lamenting its performance. I fired up the devtools for chrome and the Network tab does a good job of showing you the sticking points in the app and I was wondering if there is a way to share this sort of information. It turns out there is. The data from the Network tab can be saved in a format called HAR. HAR is a JSON format that contains all of the data you see in the network tab in devtools.

There appear to be quite a few tools available for allowing you to view HAR data. The most accessible one I found was here http://ericduran.github.io/chromeHAR/

A good summary of HAR files is here

If you want to save data from the network tab in a HAR file in Chrome devtools, right click in the log of network traffic and select Save As HAR With Content. This file can then be dropped onto the above HAR viewer page and you can see the output, including the timeline.

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